4 roles of planning division of Grand Prairie in the real estate industry

The planning commission of Grand Prairie is responsible for making recommendations about rezoning applications, special permits, site plans, etc. to the City Council. Several divisions work under this planning commission which affects the real estate industry. Here are the roles played by the planning commission that has direct influence on the real estate market.

1. It provides long-term planning, comes up with development strategy and analyzes demographic trends in order to plan rezoning activities. It looks at the overall development of the city.

2. It scrutinizes the construction of various facilities, both public and private, within the city. It makes sure that all the properties are constructed following the local and national building codes. It ensures the safety construction of properties in the city.

3. It monitors capital projects and provides consultation services. Design, survey, inspection, etc. are done by the planning commission’s engineering services division. It sees whether the buildings are constructed in compliance with the city standards.

4. It reviews the various building permits and environmental quality so that the health of the city people is protected. It makes sure that proper building permit is acquired for new construction and remodeling activities. Asbestos surveys, inspection of water supply and sanitation system are done to ensure that there is no risk to the health of the people of Grand Prairie.

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The planning commission plays a very important role in the real estate industry. It helps in the development of the city and ensures that all the construction works are done according to the rules and regulations set by the City Council.