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Our blog is a wonderful platform to promote your products and services. If you have a target customer similar to ours then you can advertise here and increase your customer base. The blog contains high quality contents that are read by thousands of readers every month who are interested in the property market of Grand Prairie, TX.

Our ad options

We have a number of different types of ad options for you to choose from. Each type of ad can meet your unique requirement. These are discussed below.

Banner ads

You can have banner ads on our site. You have three choices: leaderboard (700 X 100 pixels), medium rectangle (33 X 250 pixels) and half page (300 X 550 pixels). Your file size should be maximum 100 Kb in size. You can add animation.

Sponsored blog posts

We have experienced writers who will be able to write good blog posts focusing on your product or service. The post won’t sound like a sales pitch; it will have a natural flow and the readers will be motivated to try out your product or service. The length of the blog post will be 500 to 700 words. We will include relevant image with the blog post.

Newsletter ads

We send a newsletter to our dedicated readers every month. You can place your ads in our newsletter. We offer side-bar advertising where the ad is placed on the side banner of the newsletter.

If you want more information regarding the advertising options and the rates then please contact us. We will give you a free quote within a week. Thank you for your interest in us.